On the same team part 4

On the Same Team. Part 4
Anyone who has parented teenagers knows that life can sometimes feel like WAR.
That precious little toddler who cried when separated from you, can, after puberty hits, seem like the enemy, someone you are at war with.

This is a horrible, dangerous and destructive place to be.

18137-72xqayHere’s a few more thoughts about keeping you and your teenager on the same side of the tug of war…..

Notice the good things in your teenager’s life, their achievements, their successes, their good qualities, their attempts, their ‘WINS’, and then, Celebrate them.

As Parents we can sometimes get caught up being a referee and blowing the whistle to point out every slip up, or infraction. Commenting on and drawing attention to the things we would like to see changed, or done better or fixed.

We need to also be our teenager’s cheer squad, the encourager, the one who is ‘in their corner’. Talking the winning talk.

Let’s draw attention to the things they are doing well, or trying to do well. To qualities like integrity, and perseverance and kindness.

Praise the things you want to see more off.

Notice the things that are getting better. Commend the areas where effort is being shown.

They are not going to be brilliant at everything, neither are you, but everyone is good at something, find it and champion it for your teen.

Let them know beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are glad to be their parent, you like them!
They have something to offer your family and the world.
They have a future ahead of them that can be great.
They have gifts and talents that others need.

Finally show them you are proud of them.
Go on express those feelings of pride ……..

Take a look at the Dad on this youtube video, he can show you how to be a proud parent!!


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